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Favorite Youtubes Video Ever

Ok, this is so dated, but it remains my favorite Youtubes video ever.  There are a ton of great, funny, effects-laden videos out there, and I’ve enjoyed many of them over the years.

However, the combo of Danny MacAskill’s redonk trials bike skills, and the soundtrack by Band of Horses is just so powerful and real, that it blows away all the other videos out there.  Enjoy


"I just LOVE my new tablet....I KNOW!"

“I just LOVE my new tablet….I KNOW!”

Photos say 1,000 words.  I can’t tell you how often recently I’ve noticed people getting out their tablets, or their larger smartphones with the flip covers, to take photos of their kids swim lessons, record videos of preschool graduation, or make a phone call on their ridiculously large devices.  If not here already, I’m sure an epidemic of accidents and injuries is on its way.  When one has such a large device in front of them whilst taking photos, its only a matter of time before they are doing flutter kicks with the rest of the kiddos in swim lessons.

"I can't believe I saw the President!" Guess what...You DIDN'T

“I can’t believe I saw the President!”
Guess what…You DIDN’T