Ace on the House

Ace on the House

This is great.  I’m an OK handyman around the house, but anything major I tend to bring in the pro’s.  This podcast by Adam Corolla and friends is money!  It’s entertaining as hell, and in just generally enjoying the way in which the hosts tell stories and answer listener questions, I pick up little nuggets of construction know how that might help me one day.


I just want to buy some jeans

Think about the various retail experiences we all have these days:  The home improvement store, grocery store, price club/warehouse, online.  All of these shopping experiences have embraced the concept of getting you through the checkout and out the door (or product shipped to you) as fast as possible.  Self check, club cards and online shopping profiles (that one is dangerous on Amazon…way to easy to get ANYTHING shipped to you nearly instantly!) are commonplace.

While I prefer a warm body to the self check, I do occasionally use this as a quick way out of the store.  However, there is one last bastion of snail-paced shopping purgatory…retail clothing stores.  Sure if you have your jean style and size dialed in, you can order online and be on your way.  Yet, mostly we are left with going to the retailer, trying stuff on, and waiting in line.  And waiting.  And waiting.

“Can I have your phone number?”  “Can I put an email address on your account?”  “Did you know you can save 10% today if you open an account with us?”

These are just a few of the questions asked at nearly every clothing retailer today.  And they are USUALLY asked by someone in the demographic that normally communicates by thumb, with #hashtags and lolrofls.

Home Depot trusts me to self scan hundreds of dollars worth of tools and hardware.  But I have yet to see one self check for my $50 jeans at a department store, factory outlet, strip mall or clearance store.

Makes me wonder why this one area of physical retail locations has not tried to speed up the process for us.